Modular Technospheres

Modular Technospheres is a new sample pack aimed primarily for deep, dark, industrial style techno producers. Providing those in the genre with evolving washes of granulated and spatial soundscapes that can be used as building blocks for their tracks, the pack also has another dimension to it. Rhythmic variations of each modularsphere transform the sounds into loops that can form the basis for an entire track. Drop these over a 4/4 or offbeat kick and hats, and you have a sound for the genre. Alternatively chop up, re-pitch or throw the sounds and loops into a sampler to recreate something entirely different.

The spheres have been recorded using Eurorack modular equipment to create and process the sounds. One of the key modules used is the Mutable Instruments Clouds, a texture synthesiser and one of the most sought after modules around. Combined with units from Make Noise, Intelligel, Malekko and others, the end result is a unique blend that only modular can create.

The pack comprises of 1.2GB of data with 58 “Modularspheres” and 142 rhythmic “Technospheres”.

Listen to the demo track below. With the exception of kick drums and hi-hats, only sounds and loops from the pack are used with no added effects.



Listen to the demo track below.