Dark Modular Techno Sample Pack

The first release on Sampleloops is a pack titled “Dark Modular Techno”. The pack has been recorded exclusively using Eurorack modulars and the sounds and loops will find favour with those producers looking to create tracks with a harder and darker edge to them. Modular synthesisers have been around for many years but due to their size and cost, were only the preserve of a few who had the funds and space to house them. But the smaller Eurorack format has changed all that and the explosion in popularity of modulars in recent years has been quite staggering.

“Dark Modular Techno” consists of 257 loops and 230 one shot sounds in 24 bit wav format. From drum loops to drones and basslines to synthloops and soundscapes, you should have everything covered to produce techno tracks in the style favoured by labels such as Stroboscopic Artefacts, Earwiggle, Perc Trax and others operating at the cutting and outer edges of the genre.

Here is what you get:-

    • Assorted Hits & FX —- 24 Bass / 21 FX / 32 One Shot
    • Bass Loops 37
    • Chord Loops 7
    • Drum Hits—- 20 BD / 6 Clap / 32 Hats / 35 Perc / 24 SD / 15 Tom
    • Drum Loops—- 24 BD / 56 Hats / 22 Perc / 16 Tops
    • Drones 12
    • FX Loops 13
    • FX Scapes 9
    • Misc Loops 16
    • Synth Loops 66



Listen to the demo track here and some example loops from the pack.